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Freakishly Odd?

Hopefully by this time next week I will have a few snaps of a fun book I'm in the process of making: A non-blank notebook - a doodle book, if you will - that is going to encompass all sorts of new techniques that I haven't even come close to mastering or even non-mastering. An experimental book to go along with the experimental nature of Tedorigawa Bookmakers. All part of the master conspiracy in my mind. Oooh, that sounds ominous, if I do say so myself.

The new book will have a linkstitch exposed binding, a cool cover, eight signatures of four sheets each for a total of 128 pages, and about B6 in size. And a cool cover, I hope. The cover will incorporate found objects, at least two different kinds of paper, and an odd doodle or two.

Content will include stories, drawings, receipts and other stuff I haven't decided yet. Blank notebooks are good and I get a lot of practice from them but most people don't pick up a blank notebook and think, cool binding. They pick up a blank notebook and think, uhn, nice?

Anyway, hopefully next week. What should this book be called? I'm partial to "The Invisible Rhinos of Tokyo."


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I added three more notebooks to my Cereal Series (see the post right below this one) and Finally! Finally! I got a coptic binding I like! On the fifth of five blank notebooks, the binding came out very nice. That's a 20% success rate or, in baseball terms, I'm batting 200. Not so good, eh? Well, I was excited that the fifth one came out good so I don't care if I'm batting .200 or not; it's the Success of the Week. Pictures of the cover look like the ones from below so you can just flip between this post and that one.

Thanks for reading. I hope to get some audio up soon. Enjoy your week, too!

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