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Just in the nick of time. Today, December 28, 2008, I managed to finish a 2009 calendar/diary. It has blue Japanese paper as a cover, with light blue paper as endpapers.Blue2009-Back.jpg Coptic binding with black waxed thread and white pages.

This was supposed to have been finished as a Christmas present but all sorts of delays ensued, not the least of which was me spending four hours handwriting the dates only to discover while writing November that I skipped a day back in March or April. Usually I don't mind skipping days but when they are in a permanent document that will be used over and over again as the year progresses, well, I felt I had to do something. So I started over and my, wasn't that fun.

Here, if you turn your computer sideways (here's hoping you have a laptop), you can see theBlue2009wHand.jpg handy (pun alert!) size: fits well into a jacket pocket or the pocket on some briefcases. Also, in a purse, if you carry one.

What did I learn from this escapade?

Well, first, start your yearly diaries and calendars early. Well before December 24th, I'd say - just as a rule of thumb anyway. In fact, I just finished the weekly calendar for a calendar for 2010. Thinking ahead, I am. Also, be very, very careful of dates and days. For some reason these are important in calendary/diaries. I don't know why.

Blue2009Open.jpg I like the hand-written monthly calendar but I didn't like the hand-written weekly calendar, so I xeroxed a page and used that. Not the best solution but workable. Overall, I'd say this rates 3.5 stars out of five.

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Episode 19: Be it Resolved…

It's never too late to promise yourself something that in a few month's time you will renege on and stop doing. Such as improving yourself. However, since it's never too late then it must not be ever too early either, if that made sense, but if it didn't, I must apologize. However. Here are my New Year's Resolutions for the great economic pile that will be known as the first full year of That Year: 2009, the year this generation's Great Depression leapt to the fro.

Resolution 1: Update and post more often. (Hahahahahahahahahaha. Even I couldn't keep a straight face on that. How many millions of Google hits do you get when you google 'update more often'? - Only about 88,000 so far.)

Resolution 2: More bookmaking more often. I really, really want to end up at the end of 2009 with a whole stack of books that reflect any improvement I may make in this glorious of arts. I've even definitely decided on carving myself out a nick of time to bookbind (early evening).

Resolution 3: Sales. Yes, a perfect time to start a SOHO business now that the global economy has imploded and could well continue imploding through the coming few years. But look on the bright side, if I sell anything at the pit of the empty well that is personal discretionary funds, imagine what I could sell once people had too much money burning holes in their pockets? Cool, eh?

Resolution 4: Spreading the joy. In the past I have given - released to the wild - books I have made; sometimes to strangers by putting a little sign on it saying: Feel free to take one. This I haven't done much of in the past 6 to 9 months and I would like to do it more. It's fun and feels great (but it also depends on production - see resolution 2)

Resolution 5: Explain how it happened that we went from Episode 15 to Episode 18 without the anguish and turmoil of slogging through the marshlands that would have been episodes 16 through 17.

Enjoy your year end activities whatever they may be and I'll see you on the flip side of December 31.

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