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PurpleWhiteshadow2.jpgOught nine is just around the corner. (2009 for you youngsters under the age of about 90.) While I should have started my calendar making several months ago - and actually, I did start several months ago - last June as a matter of fact, but I didn't finish the preliminaries.

Prliminaries: getting a 2009 calendar, making a rough draft of the year's diary/calendar, folding the paper. I did the first one. This week, as part of my 14 in 14 fiasco, I did the second two parts. Last night I finished three 2009 calendar/diaries, one each in purple, white, and green. The green one was okay but not exceptional. It has a green cover made of a recycled folder, green waxed thread and is A5 size, slightly bigger than these two.

PurpleHand.jpgThis purple one is my favorite. It has 84 pages in three signatures (8, 8, 5), B6 size, purple waxed thread, and yellow end papers. It's small enough on the outside but the calendar is big enough on the inside to be useful. The cover is Japanese washi so it it has a nice feel to it and fun to hold. The purple washi covers book board and I didn't do such a good job of the corners but it is still ... charming.

What did I learn from this book: I need to practice folding over the corners of the cover.


This is, obviously, white with a yellow accent.

The shadow is from the sun, it is not on the book itself, although it looks nice. This calendar is made of recycled material - the cover is from a box which had the accent already cut into it. The calendar has black waxed thread, 84 pages in three signatures, yellow Japanese washi endpapers, and is B5 sized.

PWOpen.jpg And the calendar itself is hand-drawn using a black calligraphy pen and eyeballing the size of the days and weeks. Not all days are the same size. In fact, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, being on the right page, are bigger than Monday through Thursday, being on the left page. This is for those of us who are busier on the weekends than the weekdays - or who at least have more to write down in our diaries from the weekends than the weekdays. All-in-all, not a bad night's work (following several weeks of delay.)Thanks for reading and listening.


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Fourteen Books In What?

Life gobbled me up and spit me out and I didn't finish the fourteen books in fourteen days but I finished one. And three more are in a variety of stages of unfinished which, given a few more hours, they will be in a different variety of stages of unfinished. However, I am enjoying trying to do them and will post a photo or three with in a few days or so as I gradually and purposefully march toward completion! I hope.

Special sound effects by suonho at freesound.org. Thanks for reading and listening.


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AnimalBook_Front.jpgHere is an odd duck, so to speak. (You have to turn your computer sideways to see it properly.)

It is a Chinese stab binding, B5 size, 11-page book with Japanese and English words for animals and insects (Fox, cat, dog, cow, snail, cicada, etc). The Animal is 動 and the insect is 虫. It is part of my September Sweeps Fortnight wherein I attempt to make 14 books in 14 days.

This one was surprisingly frustrating - I miss-sewed the binding three times and had to remove it twice but saved it on the third attempt. A 20-minute sewing job turned into an hour of frustration.

But all's well that ends. Eventually. I assume. Here is an AnimalBook_Inside.jpginterior shot of the same book with two words in the language of Japan and the language of the faded British empire. Fox and Cat. Kitsune and Neko. 狐 and 猫.

As you can see, the Fox should have been a bit lower (or the Cat a bit higher). This is also on my list of:

"Things I have learned from making this book"

In other words, things I should've done differently. Along with thicker paper.

Sound effects from FreeSound.org Thanks for reading and listening.


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