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RoughCover.jpgTactile. Touchy-touchy. Very light.

These are a few words that describe this book. As you can see, the cover threads are bare; you can see through them to the rough yellow paper I used as endpapers.

I bought the red cover paper a long time ago and have been trying to figure out what to do with it ever since. Then I bought the paper recently that has become the pages.

RoughOpen.jpgAnd here you can see the stems and leaves stuck in the pages themselves. The phrase "stems and leaves" might remind some of our older readers of the sixties when the exact phrase was "stems and seeds" but the idea is similar.

To continue, this paper is rough, has the stems and leaves in it and is one folio. One page folded over once. There are seven of these pages so the whole book is 28 pages.

RoughPages.jpg Here is a closer look at how the pages are more torn than cut nicely. The look and feel of this book just screams out for someone to touch it.

Now I need a poet and a calligrapher to add some content. Or maybe an artist with a calligrapher's pen that will draw some worthy portraits or pictures. Or some phone numbers and turn it into an address book.



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TriangleFront.jpgThis is the Triangle Book. It has wooden covers, coptic binding and about 168 pages of an off-size: as tall as A4 but not as wide (because the wood wasn't as wide and I didn't feel like gluing more wood to it.)

It also has five strings the same color as the binding hanging down from the edge of the triangle to near the bottom. This is 'artsy' with a capital F, verdad?

But it only took lots of sanding, two or three varnishings and more sanding to get it to look right. For some reason I couldn't get a handle on it. The inlay on the back, for example, took a week to get right and it's still not completely what I wanted.

Practice, I suppose, is next on my agenda. In fact, next week we will have three books from my Chinese - or is it Japanese - Stab Binding Series.TriangleProne.jpg


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Episode Ten: The July Book

The July book was going to be a book with wood covers and an inlay of a different kind of wood, coptic binding, lined paper, with pictures on some pages and nicely carved. Ha!

Now it's August and I can't get the inlay to lay right. What a life. I mean, straight line. We shall see what becomes of it. Meanwhile, I made a bookshelf to house my.... cooking utensils. Okay, it's a counter more than a bookshelf. But it Looks like a bookshelf.

Photos of the July Book to come. (Before the August book is finished, one would hope, wouldn't one?)


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