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This is the June 6th Book (part of a plan). It has yellow linedJune_6th_Book.jpg paper and wooden covers. That darker strip is mahogany while the rest is a lesser wood. Coptic binding, of course, with green waxed linen thread.

It has six signatures of six folios for 144 pages and, if I do say so myself, it is quite what I was hoping for: regal yet useful, understated yet vociferous.
What was learned from this is that it takes longer to make a nice book than a quicker book. And measuring is important. As is being in the right frame of mind.
IMG_1442.jpgThe plan? You ask. It is to make a nice book on the golden day of each month. What is the golden day of each month? For example, the 6th day of the 6th month (June 6th), or the 12th day of the 12th month (December 12) and so on. Well, it can't go too much further. The First plan was to complete it on the golden day. I'm lucky if I complete it in the month of the golden day. The June 6th Book was completed July 5th, for example.

IMG_1450.jpg Here we see the signatures. There should be six as this was the Book of the Sixth Month (June, for those counting.). The paper is heavier than copy paper and slicker. I don't know how well a pen will work on it although a pencil will do just fine - getting back to a simpler technology here, I suspect.


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In the last month or so I got carried away with making editions (more than one book) and this is the second set. Yellow blank notebooks with a coptic stitch, red inserts to add color to the spine, and endpapers I made myself from two photographs of the local area: a temple and a bunch of cherry trees in full bloom.Yellow Notebooks

I liked them, although I ripped the snot out of a hole in one cover thereby botching in terribly, but the other four turned out well. I gave three away as gifts for favors done for me (two interviews). I gave a fourth one away because one endpaper wasn't a photo of the cherry trees but of the person I gave it to.

She was quite surprised when she opened it and saw her face because a) she wasn't expecting to see herself in a notebook and b) I took the photo on Thursday evening and gave her the notebook on Friday morning.

I don't say, actually, that I 'give' my creations away; I say I 'release' them. Sounds more... catch-and-release dramatic in a macho kind of way.

yellow notebooksHere are the covers of the Yellow Notebooks. The first one, with the busy work on it, is the one I gave to a friend - the one with her picture inside.

More photos of both the Yellow notebooks and the Green notebooks (described in the post below) can be found at Tedorigawa Bookmakers. Please enjoy.


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