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Archive for May 2008

Last week I saw an empty cereal box then a pile of unwanted (sob, sob) paper which had been used only on one side and my brain said: Book! Book! I thought at the time my brain was warning me away so I ran six and a half miles in the wrong direction. Dragging my way back, I saw the paper and cereal box again and this time my brain said, Yo, Dummy. Book. I grabbed the box and paper and scurried home like a ... very tired of running old man. I grabbed a needle, some thread, some Japanese sake (for medicinal purposes) and set about making a notebook.

I botched the threading, I botched the holes, I botched the pattern of threading. The end result was beautiful in the way a new born camel is beautiful to sub-Saharan camel traders. But not to me. So I ripped it apart and did it again. By this time the sake was working its magic, so I managed to make a fairly nice notebook - if opening is not a priority. (Japanese stab bindings are like that. Which is why I do so love coptic binding but when you're working with folios (one page folded over once) what can you do? Run six and a half miles in the wrong direction, maybe?)


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